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I came across this product on Instagram. After using Suavecito and Layrite pomades I needed something that wasn’t as high shine as Suavecito and doesn’t leave flakes like Layrite. Im currently on my 2nd tub and loving it. It’s also really great on my scalp and my wife loves the smell of it. Can’t go wrong with unsocial

Humberto G. - 5 Stars / Amazon


Excellent pomade, similar to Layrite and Suavecito which I have been using for years. I find this product smells and holds much better and it's my new favorite pomade. Holds well in Miami humidity too which is a plus.

Alex R. - 5 Stars / Amazon


I wore the pomade to work yesterday , and I’m in love! 😍 Smells great, applies smooth, stayed just the way I wanted it to all day, and I just took a shower, and rinsed soo clean!

I literally went back to CVS this morning and returned the product (that I’ve been using for over 2 years) that I just bought (but hadn’t opened) this morning, because I’m hooked! Keep doing what you’re doing, Unsocial Pomade, because tou’ve won a loyal customer for life in me!

Dylan O. - 5 Stars / Amazon


Truly the best pomade I have ever used. I don’t like greasy hair, I like to be able to touch my hair during the day and not have to clean my hand. Keeps my hair in place with a natural look. & what a great smell! I’ve been complimented a lot since I’ve started using it! Love it!!! Thanks!

Nercy - 5 stars / Amazon


At first I thought this was gonna be like every other pomade peddled to me at the barber shop but the design really caught my eye. So I figured I'd give it a shot, and thank God I did! Im extremely surprised at how this pomade tamed my thick hair. The ol' lady is a fan too so Im sold. Ill be picking this one from now on!

Alex P.


Alex Ferrer • Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

Alex Ferrer • Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

Alex is an old school hot rodder and on point barber who decided to start up his own spot to make a his mark on the scene, and so Electric Empire...
Beard Growth Gummies

Victor Madrid • Unsocial Ambassador | Los Angeles, California

Victor Madrid. Unsocial Beard Ambassador. Family Man.
Ray Domingues • Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

Ray Domingues • Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

Ray cuts and grooms confidence daily at Electric Empire Barbershop, he does not see his customers as clients, he calls them part of the family and...
Adam Byrd | Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

Adam Byrd | Unsocial Barber | Long Beach, California

"...when I was a kid you went a got a fucking haircut, they did an alright job, and barbers didn't have egos..they didn't have Instagram. They ...
Art Morales • Unsocial Barber | Wilmington, California

Art Morales • Unsocial Barber | Wilmington, California

A relentless pursuer of happiness, independence and someone who has always enjoyed being surrounded by oldschool imagery, music and lifestyle. Art...
Cody Green • Unsocial Barber | Orem, Utah

Cody Green • Unsocial Barber | Orem, Utah

Cody's chopping grounds are up in Orem, Utah where he built up his spot Dapper Gents Social Club. A catalyst of confidence, not only when it come...

Outlaws & Gentlemen...

Inspired by the old school way of life, refined for the unrefined. Unsocial Co is a premium men’s grooming brand created to inspire traditional style and confidence. Our products are created for and approved by Unsocial Barbers and users nationwide to meet the highest standards.

The Unsocial Co Promise.

We stand by the superior quality of all of our products but if you're for any reason unsatisfied with your purchase, we offer all of our customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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