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Unsocial Co. - Tattoo Aftercare Oil
Unsocial Co. - Tattoo Aftercare Oil

Unsocial Co. - Tattoo Aftercare Oil

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  • ENHANCE & MAINTAIN YOUR TATTOO DESIGNS: Unsocial Co. Tattoo Oil will make your tattoos come alive!
  • ONE NATURAL AND POWERFUL INGREDIENT INSTEAD OF BLENDS THAT MIGHT WEAKEN THE RESULT: Unsocial Co. brings you the best certified organic and all natural tattoo care product that does not spread out thin with a multitude of ingredients, but focused on the most vitalizing ingredient of them all, Argan Oil.
  • HEALING TREATMENT WITH PURE ARGAN & VITAMIN E PACKED COLD PRESSED OLIVE OIL: 100% natural and organic ingredients, our nourishing tattoo aftercare oil will naturally strengthen and heal your skin. Featuring a natural scent of Moroccan Pear. Tattoo aftercare oil will keep your skin healthy and smooth and your tattoo's colors enhanced!
  • NON-GREASY, FAST ABSORBING PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT CLOG PORES: This non-greasy formula jam packed with the best moisturizing ingredients that nourish both skin and hair!
  • SUPER FOOD & HEALER FOR YOUR SKIN: What happens when you combine pure Moroccan cold pressed Argan oil with cold pressed vitamin-E packed olive oil? You get a super healer and maintainer that completely rejuvenates your ink skin and ink. A couple of drops is all it takes and can make your old tattoos begin to look like new again.
    Beyond just the skin, this oil can be used to repair hair with split ends, including that beard.
  • CRUELTY FREE & TRULY VEGAN (no animal testing) & Fully Organic all-natural skincare and 100% natural. No parabens, No silicone, no PEGs are used, no colorants. We work only with high quality ingredients that revitalizes, nourish and heals your skin and hair. Finally, we package our finished product in dark amber glass to protect and extend its freshness.


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