iconWater Soluble Hair Pomade for Men

Water Soluble Hair Pomade for Men

Water soluble hair pomades are the best way for men to style their hair without having to worry about getting product in their eyes or on their clothes. They're also easy to use and won't leave any sticky residue behind.

Why Do You Need a Water Soluble Hair Pomade?

A water soluble hair pomade will help you achieve the perfect hairstyle every day. It's especially helpful when traveling because you'll never need to worry about finding a place to wash your hands before applying the product.


How To Apply It Correctly

Water soluble hair pomades are easy to apply and remove. They're also very versatile. You can use them as a styling gel, leave-in conditioner, or even just as a moisturizer.


How Does it Work?

A water soluble hair pomade works by absorbing moisture from the air and then locking it into the hair shaft. This helps prevent frizziness and flyaways. It's also good at holding style because it won't wash out with shampoo.


How Long Will It Last?

Water soluble hair pomades last up to two weeks before washing out. They're ideal for men who travel frequently or work outside where they need to wear hats.

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